About us

Mauj Mobile is a company focused on building great customer destinations on Mobile Internet. Established in 2003, we were formed with the vision to empower consumers by providing entertainment and information via mobile phone and specifically on Mobile Internet platforms. Funded by Sequoia Capital,Westbridge Capital and Intel Capital, Mauj Mobile is a part of People Group, which has been recognized as one of the most innovative Digital Media businesses globally.

Mauj Mobile operates in our offices at Mumbai, Milan, London and New York We serve customers in over 100 countries who download millions of our applications, games and content on their mobile phones. In India, Mauj Mobile is considered as a pioneer in mobile internet, having been one of the earliest entrants in this field. Mauj has billing integration with all major operators in India, providing premium content and services to millions of consumers through these operators. Mauj Mobile reaches over 10 million consumers globally with over 7 million of them registered with us.

Mauj Mobile has two main businesses – Premium Content Distribution and Application Store.

Our Premium Content Distribution vertical focuses on providing great monetisation of premium content for content owners to customers in India. Mauj brings together our expertise in user engagement and technology to bring innovative entertainment and information to the end user on mobile. Mauj Mobile takes these products to market both through the operator channel as well as through Direct to Consumer models.

Our application store vertical, through Mobango.com, is one of the worlds largest free mobile application and content store. Mobango is the world’s first Social Application store and offers over 1 million pieces of apps, games and content for free download to end users in over 150 countries. Mobango delivers over 1 million downloads a day and is a proven distribution platform for all major application owners in the world.

The key capabilities that support both the above business areas are our core technology platforms that we have built over the last few years, which include a robust Applications Discovery and Deployment Platform (ADDM), our Billing and subscription management engines, and our tools to rapidly build and manage scaled destinations and store fronts on mobile internet platforms .

Over the years, Mauj Mobile has built strong relationships with all major carriers in India and are seen as preferred value added service providers by many. We have built strong relationships with major application owners in the world and fulfill their app distribution objectives.