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Super Tool Box is a group of 9 tools useful in our daily lives making use of hardware and device sensors. In the toolbox is a Compass to find the right direction, Magnet metro Or metal detector to detect the magnetic field surrounding objects, Linterna with options and SOS morse code. In addition to entering the phone to stand still on, a Pod metro, Configurable with daily goal, notifications, export and import data, Veloc metro With different options for car, motorcycle, bicycle or walking person is also available. Join speed via GPS. It also offers Level Calibrated to check the level of a surface, Escaner QR codes. Scan QR, 1D barcodes with your device camera codes, Stopwatch and timer to measure time accurately. You can also countdown. Basic and advanced Calculator for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is also present. It’s like a small Swiss Army knife on your phone.

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