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Download Archer Legend: ROBIN HOOD and go on a journey of medieval times! Be Robin Hood himself and start your journey of becoming a legend. You have to shoot an arrow towards your enemies which if hit it’s a certain kill shot! If you miss you are dead! Join the game now!


World’s most famous outlaw turned hero “Robin Hood” is back to give you a lesson on archery! In the game “Archer Legend: ROBIN HOOD” you get to be the world renowned archer Robin Hood and do what he did best! “Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor”.
The game delivers extraordinary gameplay with simple yet addictive graphics and sounds you have never heard of. It is considered one of the best archery games in the world. Go back to the medieval time and start your journey as Robin Hood himself! Slay all your enemies with your bow and arrow. Fight against fearsome warrior races who will try and protect the treasure. When you go against these killers you only get one shot to kill them. If you miss, it’s their spear and your head!Game Features:-Aim for Glory
Touch and Hold your screen to adjust the trajectory of your arrow. As soon as you release your finger, it will shoot. So make sure you take the correct angle.Greed is Good
-For every kill, you will get gold coins which you can use them to revive yourself.Killing Frenzy
-Try and get “Headshot” as they give you two points, and if you get three headshots in a row collect five points of “Ultra Kill”

Partners in Crime
-Collect coins and unlock the Merry Men of Robin Hood. Unlock Furious “Fox”, Dashing “John”, Mustang “Mitch”, Sneaky “David”.

Goodbye Ads
-Ads hindering your gaming experience? Get rid of those pop-ups with our in-app purchases.
An endless archery game for your android devices! Play now!

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