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The seven wonders of the world are in danger and you as a superhero Chakra have to save them from the mighty enemy. Go on an endless run while jumping and dodging the obstacles and collect purple coloured orbs to save the city, but avoid getting hit by obstacles, else it will be game over for you. The chance to be the perfect superhero is here! Download the thrilling and exciting game now!


Chakra an Indian superhero stands up against Boss Yama to save the world! From the creator of the world’s most famous super heroes like X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider Man & Iron Man, comes an Indian Superhero “Chakra”. When a multi-billionaire, one of the richest men on planet “Shatru Seth”, who has made his way to the top by all the illegal means, thinks of enslaving the world, our hero “Chakra” is born.
Shatru Seth together with the genius Dr.Singh tries and harvests the power of chakras. They make a prototype suit that could contain the strong chakra energy. Dr.Singh finds out the evil purpose behind the generous funding. Raju, a young Indian boy who works part time as Dr.Singh’s assistant is given the suit to defeat Shatru Seth! Chakra defeats Shatru Seth and shatters his dreams of world domination. Being defeated by Chakra, Shatru Seth driven by madness makes his own chakra suit which is much stronger than the prototype. He becomes Yama Boss, a befitting enemy for Chakra. He releases orbs containing deadly virus around the world to capture the Seven Wonders of the World which symbolize something in their own way.
Can you defeat him? Be the mighty Chakra and liberate the Seven Wonders from Boss Yama in an adventurous running game. Go on a journey to visit the Seven Wonders of the World and ensure their safety. Jump and dodge the obstacles while sightseeing. There are purple coloured orbs which you have to collect in order to save the city from the hazardous virus.rnrnFeatures:-
– The game has four kinds of Chakra icons- Heart Chakra, Root Chakra, Solar Chakra & Raksha Chakra. You have to collect them in order to unlock cool powerups!
– If you get hit by an obstacle while running it will be game over for you!
– You have to give away some of your collected points which can be gained from collecting orbs and chakra symbol to revive or you can watch a rewarded video to continue playing the same level from the same spot.
– Get exciting trips to world famous cities such as New York, Rio De Janeiro, Paris, Istanbul, Agra, Sydney and Rome being a superhero!
– Complete the missions and specific tasks given to you in order to save the city from the deadly virus!
– Ideal for kids from the age 3 and abovernrnThe game uses following sensitive permission:
– GET_ACCOUNTS:- Required for the Google Play Services logging.
– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:- To store the ingame save data and better ad caching
– READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:- To store the ingame save data and better ad caching

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