Legends Within- Mini Edition


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Legends Within- Mini Edition is a quick and fun anime battle slash fighting game inspired by a particular anime series. You battle trough various levels, defeating evil foes and levelling up to get stronger in the process. Collect crystals to even further increase your power level. Choose between a girl and a boy warrior and compete in the strongest in the world leader boards. Fun and simple controls with hidden depth makes this game a must try for any battle manga or anime fan. Use the joystick on the left to move around. Buttons on the right are action buttons. Press attack multiple times to combo. Blocking prevents damage but will instead drain your energy and reduce your power level. Energy blast will fire an energy blast. This will consume 1 bar of your energy or power level. Power up will charge your energy and power level. The higher your power level the more damage you deal so be sure to stay powered up. Teleporting is done by tapping the block button right before getting hit by a physical or energy attack. Over the limit is a big power up that lets you charge your power level past your maximum by sacrificing your health. Features include beautiful colourful 3D graphics, fast and smooth game play, simple real time action, various challenges to fight trough, easy and fast levelling system true to anime power levelling, unlock skills as your power level increases, 2 playable character and lots more.