Militia Army War


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In this game you will play not as a soldier, but as a criminal dressed as a soldier. So you have to take either of the two soldiers and carve a path to escape from the soldiers. Use the weapons that you have and complete 12 amazing levels. Play now!


You will play as wanted criminal role and try to escape from other military solders. It is quite hard for you to go through and shoot up all. They hunt wanted man and he is only their target,too. There are two choices for you to adopt a preferable character in Militia Army War: Volker and Martin. You have to face more dangerous challenges in the way running. Play Militia Army Waru2122 you will prove your quick and strategyrnrnHow to play:rn- On mobile: Tap the screen where appear button to control your character: turn left, turn right, jump up,shootrn- On desktop/web: Use your keyboard to control the character. you press button A to turn left, button D to turn right, button W to jump, button L to shootrnrnFeatures in Militia Army Waru2122:rn- Amazing graphic and sounds with special effects rn- 12 levelsrn- Shop with many kinds of weapon which has more and faster shot rn- Two choices of character rn- Able to take advantage of accessory items what appear accidentally when fighting, help you to strengthen your health.rnrnWe hope all our players have a great time on exploring Militia Army Waru2122, thanks a lot!rnrnLike us you for your supportrnPOCKET GAMER STUDIO