Racing Fever: Death Racer 3D


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Get ready to enter in furious death race arena simulator, crash burn modified armoured cars and face ruthless bosses in every tracks. Fire missile, use Gatling machine gun to destroy rivals racing cars and flip them in ashes in the air.


Do you love to play destruction racing fever games? If yes, you will love this Racing Fever and Death Racer 3D simulator, now drive your own destruction racing fever car everywhere in the city of death prison. No matter which way you hit the road to head-on, collision with killers is waiting for you in the death road racing fever.
Welcome to the Racing Fever of Death Racer in 3D simulation, chase the metal bulk and fight for your freedom with the most realistic armored car racing and buggy fierce death race cars on the racecourse loaded with massive Gatling gun and explosions of dynamites and machine guns. This racing fever of death racer will take you to the next level of ultimate frenzy race between the rivals of the private prison. Take out your racing armored car loaded with heavy artillery and ammunition, crash and burn the death racing cars of rivals into debris and be a flat out stuntman and car racing desert death rally mania.
Racing Fever: Death Racer 3D combines action packed fierce gun shooting with adrenaline pumped racing with an explosive experience. Load your racing mania death car with guns and explosives put hit the accelerator hard, show your rivals the racing fever and death car driving skills, take an ultimate test as you dodge missiles, destroy enemy cars, and race to reach the top to become the ultimate death racer of the personal prison.
Buckle up, setup your partner, load your machine guns and armory, check your shields, this Racing Fever and Death Racer mania will blow you up, the theme of this game is NO Mercy, this is the ultimate road kill death racing fever drive, the racing cars are ultimate and customized to bear the worst destruction. This is the real world of death racing and road killer in death moto road fever. The only rule to say stay alive is to kill your rivals. You are an Indestructible and furious death racer, driver and simulator! Buckle up, grab the steering, load your guns and hit the death race road hard to wreck your victories on the ultimate road kill and death rally racing with rivals in the exciting vehicular combat game of Racing Fever : Death Racer 3D rivals.
Enter into a thrilling racing and destruction world of modified death racing cars and loaded with weapons as death warrants for the opponents’ views, where the Road is the ultimate killing path and death is upon every kill shot bullets enabling you two take on your racing rivals and rally opponents’ views. Lock and load and enter the road kill racing fever of car racing desert with buggy cars, humiliate and destroy your opponents’ views. Death Race Car Fever Road Kill death rally leads you to next generation of Death Racing action packed dragging extravaganza. Do not be a dead target for the opponents’ views. Be the Road Warrior and death race moto champion and road master.
Hit the death-racing road, feel the racing fever and master your road death racer skidding and operating skills. Drive through the racy kill roads and race rally to full speed. The political and economic breakdown by the death racer community has forged a path of violence and outlaws rule the world, the war and chaos with mayhem and ruthlessness plays into the hands of greedy corporations. As an ultimate racing fever and death racer fight with the most fierce and cruel wanted man. Race like lights and fight for survive.
Choose from modified vehicle and most powerful weapon to break all the barriers on the roads, collect protective shields and fight with the most fierce and cruel underworld criminals and gangsters, thugs most wanted.
Do not give any opportunity to killers!