New & Noteworthy Games

New & Noteworthy Games

Mobango offers an exclusive fresh arrival of games. Enjoy jumping,zombies,escape,adventures and various others. Download now!!

One Hit Cowboy is a very addictive and challenging arcade game. You’re a lone cowboy, armed with your trusty revolver. You only have one bullet for dealing with each bandit. Time your shots, pull the trigger fast and precise. Miss one? You’re dead as a door nail. Are you ready to face-off with all kinds of gunslingin’ bandits? Let’s see if you’re the fastest gun in the West!
* Unique gameplay mechanic – addictive!
* Very simple control, tap the screen to shoot
* Compare your score with friends (GameCenter or on social media).
* Different characters and game worlds to unlock.
* Endless gameplay.

Jewel Quest is an amazing match-3 puzzle game like a candy or cookie puzzle game. There are many crazy puzzles that are created from beautiful sapphire or diamond gems. It’s an addictive game for everyone and all ages.

Gameplay is absolutely simple to suit everyone’s taste. Just swap and match 3 or more same jewels to eliminate them, try to make more combos. It’s simple, but once you play, you will find it very challenge and save height score. Up level up challenge ! Spend your time to get the charm and explore each level of game.

Gameplay of Jewel Quest
– Crush to match three or more same jewels in a line
– Smash jewel next to destroy locked, frozen ice or petrified puzzles
– Smash all obstacles of puzzle having a star ruby appear. Move it to bottom to pass level.
– Breaking all obstacles fast as possible to get high score

Features of Jewel Quest
– 297 well-designed levels in different scenes including candy, retro, snow, farm and more
– Amazing stunning magical effects (such blast mania, lighting splash, boom explosion)
– Easy and fun to start but a challenge to fully master
– Match 4 same jewels to create boom pop item
– Match 5 or more jewels quest to create a multicolour Bejeweled blitz

– Boom pop: eliminate 9 jewels around
– Blast pop: eliminate all diamonds gems in one same line
– Bejeweled blitz: link it to any sapphire gem to eliminate all sapphires same type on puzzle map, big jam mania
– Time pop: destroy it to increase time for you

Thanks for playing and rating Jewel Quest ! have fun and relax with Jewel Quest !

Magical Myth Haunt your Fantasy is an interesting point and click type new escape game. Dream up a situation there lived a naughty boy in a village. He was loved by everyone in their village for his brilliance. One day he went to a festival event. There he entered into a magician’s tent. Due to his mischievous he inserts his hand into a magical bowl. Unfortunately, that took him to a scary world. As a player, you need to help the boy to escape from the scary world. This could be achievable only if you have brilliance with determination. It is sure that you will succeed by finding the necessary objects and solving the puzzle. Have greater excitement and fun by playing escape games daily. Good Luck and Best wishes from escape games. In the first level as a player, you need to help the boy to escape from the scary world. You could take the boy to the next level only after lifting the curse of the monster. In the second level, as a player, you need to help the boy to escape from the scary world. You could take the boy to the next level only after fixing the stomach armour for the frog. In the third levels, as a player, you need to help the boy to escape from the scary world. You could take the boy to the next level only after giving the meal for the owl man. In the fourth level, as a player, you need to help the boy to escape from the scary world. You could take the boy to the real world from the scary world only after giving the meal for the Bee -Man.

Get your balancing act right as the gorilla is on the bar while the monkeys try to make him fall in the pond below. Monkeys do not want to miss this chance to get back at the angry gorilla, so they start jumping off the branches onto the bar to make him fall. They try their best to distract the gorilla by throwing bananas, which If collected will give bonus points. If that was not enough, the snake will also start attacking the gorilla. Do all that it takes to keep the gorilla on the bar and drop the monkeys off it. Remember if the number on the bar exceeds the limit then the bar will fall. Keep it light and safe!

Numbo Jumbo is a beautiful casual puzzle number game that is absolutely FREE.

Connect together numbers that add up into a sum! For example, ‘2 2 4’ adds up to the sum 2 + 2 = 4, ‘1 2 3 6’ adds up to the sum 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. Mind boggling amount of possible number sums!

Longer number sums clear more numbers and are extra rewarding!

Experience beautiful colorful visuals and thoughtful elegant game design along with calm pleasing game music and audio.

Choose between 4 game modes: Timed, Moves, Stack, Infinite

Dominate the leaderboard with your awesome number adding skills and earn loads of achievements, then share and compete with your friends!

Samurai Ninja
Kung FU NINJA : Kung FU ninja Samurai Ninja is a fighting video game adapted from the legend of The Last Kung FU, developed by Android and published by Madgames Inc Games on mobile, Samsung generation and Windows in 2017.
Samurai Ninja
Ultimate Kung FU Ninja : was featured in Best Games of years by android–The Ultimate Kung FU Ninja may be a true successor, motor-assisted by over a year of targeted development. Overall production values and cruel action place Ultimate Kung FU on par with console 3D brawlers. Screenshots don’t do The Last Kung FU justice – the fluid action should be seen running at sixty frames per second.
Samurai Ninja
But appearance alone won’t carry a game – the developers listened to fan feedback and improved gameplay throughout. With a brand new virtual d-pad, dynamic camera, environmental puzzles, traps, and cruel new enemies, ultimate Kung FU is spanking new expertise for hack ‘n’ slash gamers on the go.
Samurai Ninja
The Last Kung FU sends kira on a probe for revenge across the war-scorched rural area. From a seafaring village to a flying defense to the legendary island of the Dead, the Kung FU can stop at nothing to search out his arch-enemy Orochimarur. can he get his revenge?
Samurai Ninja
Kung FU Ninja Kung FU addicting games is the ultimate Kung FU action fighting games ! Join the fighting war as a ninja Kung FU killing every Kung FU he meets ! be the last Kung FU standing
Samurai Ninja
the last Kung FU War of clans continues ! Enter the world of Japanese ninja Kung FU and overcome all your fighting rivals – dead or alive ! Stop the armies of Demon ninja Kung FU ! Beat all the opponents and prove your worth as a Master Ninja Kung FU playing amazing fighting addicting games
Samurai Ninja
the Last Kung FU Explore different clash of locations and use different fighting styles including swords and super powers fight and enjoy being a real Japanese Ninja Kung FU assassin ! Lead your hero to the victory and bring death to all your enemies !

Check story mode – survive at the series of dangerous fights against dangerous opponents, achieve the top and kill the Demon Kung FU ! Or try survival mode – fight against enemies and survive on the ring as long as you can ! Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes and fighting styles getting points for each kill!

Ninja Kung FU addicting games features:

Become the strongest fighter on the earth playing Kung fu Kung FU addicting games action game ! Explore different locations fighting for your life and survive on the ring leaving your opponent no chance to stay alive! Earn points for each killed enemy, fight against powerful rivals and up level your boxing skills to the top level! Prove your worth as the powerful Master Ninja Kung FU

-Intuitive virtual joystick ensures you’re slicing up baddies, not swiping the screen.
-Tense, fast and gory battle sequences!
– Battle hordes of on-screen enemies wielding new weapons and sporting distinctive skills.
– keep nimble and set up your attacks – roll out of harm’s manner and eliminate ranged enemies just like the Kung FU Archer before they will strike.

-Dynamic camera finds the simplest perspective for every encounter, adding selection whereas keeping targeted on the action.

-Improved game play includes new options.
– Solve environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous traps, and find out helpful things.
– The fight is on – to not worry, the combat ne’er takes a back seat to platforming or fetch-quests.

-RPG components reward delicate players – upgrade the Kung FU’s health, obtain new attack combos and upgrade them to devastating levels.

-Between levels, beautiful anime-style comic panels tell the Kung FU’s tale with original hand-drawn design.

-New survival mode pits the Kung FU against waves of enemies, giving hardcore players a score-attack mode to hone their skills. 2 games in one!